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Welcome to Rare Footy Stuff! A great place to shop and browse for rare football programmes, magazines, books, dvds, and more. And we have recently added a random football programme area, check it out here - Random Football Programmes, you will find some great bargains and very random football programmes in this area.

Along with rare football programmes, we also offer other football related products and insights. Such as football prints and these fantastic retro football stadium prints, from UK based artist Stephen Noake. We also put up footy quizzes and football match previews, and take a look at these cool football keyrings, we design these to your specification.

All in all, Rare Footy Stuff is striving to become a one stop shop for all footy fans interested in rare and unique football goods and insight, we do all we can to help and happily answer questions relating to our goods and more.

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Rare Football Stuff

We hope you enjoy this wholesome mix of mostly rare football stuff.

Not only do we offer for sale rare football programmes, magazines, books and a few other categories of product. We also publish online quizzes, news and we also do a monthly football legend shout!

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