The Super League, Phase Two

super league

It was over a year ago, back in early 2021, when the controversial ‘non-footballing’ project was unleashed upon the then astounded footballing world, but what has been happening since? Well, we explore the answer here and look at what’s been happening since below...

A Year of No Super League

Not much has been heard, in the mainstream of the controversial plan since Chelsea famously withdrew from the planned so-called European Super League over a year ago. Other teams quickly followed suit at the time, however three teams still seem determined to push the league through, for reasons that have nothing to do with the beautiful game.

The three teams who refused to withdraw from the proposed new super league proposal are Real Madrid, Juventus, and Barcelona, just three of the so-called, self-proclaimed best teams in Europe. The teams whose owners deem them to be a cut above every other team, and so should have their own league, playing against other so-called super teams!

These teams have not given up the fight

The past 12 months have seen these three teams continue to battle in the European courts for the right to set-up this league. The European Courts will eventually decide but the initial 12 clubs who tried to set this up, had much more in mind than just playing football against other so-called super teams.

The thought of this, for traditional lovers of the game across all generations, cultures and countries is devastating. It rips the heart out of what football is all about, local talent, teams and leagues playing for the love of the sport.

The Super League can still be given the go ahead

If the European Courts rule in favour of football teams being able to organise their own tournaments, play them when they want and allow them to divide revenues as they see fit, then the proposal is back on the cards.

Even in the face of the uproar caused by this project from last year, the three clubs who would benefit most from this idea are still committed to pushing this project through.

If the courts allow this to happen, what of the initial other 9 clubs? They pledged to listen to their fans and never make the same mistake again. But money talks for these clubs and that’s a whole new and different story when it comes to the likes of Man Utd, et al.

The crux of the main issue the three clubs are arguing is that FIFA and UEFA are taking advantage of their position by violating competition law by acting as both regulators and competition organisers. This seems an extreme attack but an attack nonetheless, that if the three clubs resulting in winning the verdict, could almost straight-away open the door the super league to be on the table again. With promise of much wealth and exposure, how can the other clubs then refuse?

Let’s hope they do, as without the clubs the other three look set to fail. Unless of course the three want to go away and play on their own. That, personally, would suit us fine if they left the rest of us to continue.

European Court of Justice Outcome

The reality of the outcome from the European Courts may give them the green light, this would be devastating as it would mean clubs would be free to set-up whatever competitions they want without fear of any punishment from existing governing bodies. So, roll-out the cash cow! Be prepared for many one off a kind unique football competition, where only the truly privileged and odd lucky fan maybe able to get a ticket to watch their beloved team play.

UEFA and FIFA’s stance is one of fairness who attain to run football in a fair way, where all profits are fed back to all partaking clubs. Do you think a Super League would compensate the leagues of football in such a way? You’re deluded if you think they will, all money clubs raise in competitions they organise will not be distributed equally.

European Sentiment

The fact that the 3 clubs, who still want this league, represent only two countries in Europe pretty much puts them out on their own. There are many other leagues in Europe who are appalled at the thought of this super league.

Not only of the idea of the complete monopoly the clubs within the league will have over the rest of European football, but the way in which it was also introduced. No consideration, options just a straight-forward get onboard now or lose out.

With the existing sentiment and lack of acknowledgement from any leading figure in football to this horrendous idea speaks volumes. If the courts rule in favour and allow for these clubs to push ahead, expect it to be repackaged and the usual self-proclaimed ‘super’ teams back jumping onboard with floppy justification…