The Attack on English Football, Phase One

super league

Now it’s out in the public space, the niggling known known amongst followers of the so called named big six, that their owners are interested in investing nothing into their respective clubs unless it makes them money. Serious, money.

During the last decade, it’s been at the forefront of many wealthy club’s fans mind – how much money can we get away with spending on players? The likes of Man City, and Chelsea have pretty much had a bottomless pit brimming with money. Whilst the likes of Man Utd saw players such as Ronaldo leave, and not much of the money raised pushed back into the club. The £80 million raised for Man Utd when they sold Ronaldo, wasn’t put back into players to replace him. The meagre effort by bringing in Obertan went under the radar as Utd still were achieving success.

The Glazer Plan

The Super League idea was launched on Sunday on the 18th, already today – 21st April just three days after, all clubs are now expected to drop out.

Have no doubt this was orchestrated by the Glazers, supported by fellow American football club owners. They attempted to form a Super League; a Super League some have now stated they will not be joining.

“We will not be joining the Super League” – some club owners have stated.

What worries me is the message behind this statement. What Super League? Think about it. They are saying that they will not be joining this league. A league that only came into being a matter of days ago.

The correct statement should be – there will be no Super League, or super league.

But no, lets refer to The Super League as an entity. This gives it a presence, something that in the future will be referred to, I dread the day it starts to be seen as some kind of good idea.

What really sours this for even the most laxed football fan is that desire for money, nothing more than greed. Keane, Neville and Carragher all agreed without any thought, the root of this so-called super league is driven by pure greed. Nothing about football, nothing about football whatsoever. And yet there they were just hours ago, telling us this would benefit football, on the back of this global pandemic!!! How out of touch can they possibly be?

Is the super league threat over?

This will not go away. We should try to hound these people out of our game before they begin their next phase.

Make no mistake, they would have planned for this reaction. The core drivers behind this super league are yet to make any statement to the fans. Disrespectful to the core, driven by money. Any Man United fan will vouch for this. And no doubt many more will recognise the fact that they are driven by financial greed.

This still needs challenging, legislation needs implementing now that ensures these greedy football club owners are fully aware that their ownership of a club has no bearing on English, or any other countries, footballing competition, leagues, tournaments, or any other match playing competition.

Is the threat ever going to away?

We held back from publishing this article yesterday, due to even more news coming out from Old Trafford and Barcelona.

It’s only re-affirmed the first phase of this. They have planted the seed and made everyone aware of something they will continually refer to as The Super League. A league that doesn’t exist, but be sure, they will do all they kind to ensure they push some element of change through that results in even more dollars heading into their own bank accounts.