Man United V Luton Town, 22nd September 2020

by Christina Henriette

Man Utd V Luton Match Preview

⁣Cup and redemption time! ⁣


It’s just been a couple of sleeps since the last match, but the sooner we can turn this around the better, so not hating the idea of playing again today already. Wasn’t like the players wore themselves out against Palace either, at least it didn’t look that way. Mediocre effort, no dedication, all in all disappointing performance. And it can really only be better tonight. ⁣⁣


At least it got clear for everyone, even the most oblivious of us (e.g. Ed W), that we need to strengthen the squad. A convincing win against Palace could have been used as an excuse not to invest and the window could end up closing before we even got our finger out our ass. ⁣⁣

A win tonight is important, but seeing a different attitude and energy on the pitch is essential. Give me the joy back, the excitement, the thrill and the chance to be proud of my teams effort. I’ve f’ing tattooed you on my body, it’s the least you could do! UTFR!⁣⁣

Luton V Man United, 20:15pm, 22nd September 2020.