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Check out all the latest Man U gossip and match preview insights from our very own dedicated Man Utd fan, Christina Henriette.

Christina, born and raised with the Vikings in Norway, has been a follower of Manchester United since August ‘88.

After being born into a football family, with grandparents having every tv channel known to man just so they could watch Spanish, Italian, German and English football, she didn’t really have much choice.

Grandma was a Spurs supporter from the day they started showing games on Norwegian tv until the day she passed, and Grandpa supporting Newcastle because he remembered the name from the fish crates he used to load off boats from England as a teenager.

Fortunately momma was a Red, and being a single mom with no one to argue, Christina ended up a Red too. And when growing up there were no ponies or pop stars posters on the wall, but instead everything United of course.

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