Leicester City V Man United, 26 July 2020

by Christina Henriette

Leicester V Man United Match Review

Back in March when English football was suspended indefinitely, we were all worried and disconcerted as for how and when the Prem would end. Now we’re in July, and about to play the last match of the season. And even though I fantasied about voiding the whole season, just so that the citizens of the world didn’t have to endure Liverpool winning the league, I’m actually glad they found a fair and satisfactory solution.

Last and final chance to end the Prem-season on a high and qualify for the Champions League. It’s a nail biter this one, but at least we control our own destiny, and don’t have to rely on the results of others. A win is of course favourable, but we can and will still qualify with a draw against Leicester today. That wasn’t at all the case back in January, not only 14 points behind Leicester but also with a 20 point inferior goal difference.

15 matches later, and having offset the goal difference; beating them should not be an insuperable task. Also if you consider their weakened back four and our deadly top three. I fear Vardy of course like every sane person does, but both Rodgers and the club have given the impression their satisfied with 5th and Europa League and I know we have bigger ambitions and greater desire than that.

The Chelsea - Wolves match will also of course affect the top four outcome, and I must admit I’m a Wolves sympathiser today. Switching focus back to my own team; eager to see who Ole chooses to outfox the foxes(home team). And also who’s recovered ahead of today’s clash; if Luke’s ankle has healed and Bailly’s head has recovered.

No matter the line up, there’s undoubtedly going to be some tired bodies, they are mortal after all. But to quote both Ole Gunnar, and Ole Lukkøye’s (retired Norwegian boxer) dad before he entered the ring; «don’t look for the pain and aches». Nows the time to squeeze out the last drop, and give a performance to be proud of.⁣⁣

Leicester City V Man United, July 26 2020, 4.00 pm King Power Stadium