Crystal Palace V Man United Review, 15 July 2020

by Christina Henriette

Aston Villa V Man Utd Match Review

Can’t say that Southampton game went just as I planned... The concerns I had previous to the match were confirmed as I watched; it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.

They started out strong, but we took command early and controlled the game for most of the first half. Played some outstanding football that was truly entertaining to watch. Second half Southampton had more of the initiative and were able to play freely and create some scary chances. Having to end the match with ten, after Williams's bad accident, against a team already pushing for that equaliser, didn’t make it any easier.⁣⁣

No surprises there, just disappointment. We were in control of our own destiny, we had teams dropping points, doing us a favour, but we didn’t utilise it. And for that I’m disappointed.


Unlike many loud voices, I’m not disappointed in the manager and I don’t blame Pogba for the first goal. (He at least needs to share blame with DeGea, who assessed the situation wrong and should have never passed him the ball in the first place). And demanding Ole’s head on a plate after that match just exhibits a poor understanding of football and management.⁣⁣

Yes I’ve seen Pogba and Bruno play much better than they displayed on Monday, but I still see them as world class footballers, I just remembered that they are human too. And maybe AWB and James didn’t have their best day at work. But you can’t come and tell me what we have and have done isn’t promising, or that the future doesn’t look bright for Manchester United. Only “wrong” thing displayed was the clear red card never given to Romeu. Still a bit pissed off about that.⁣⁣

Coming Up

Next up is Crystal Palace away, tomorrow already, before facing Chelsea in the FA-cup on Sunday. I’m ready for it, hopefully the lads and their ankles are too.

Palace will be without their favourite striker, Benteke, due to his dismissal at Villa. Palace will also have to cope without Cahill and Tomkins at the back.

United too may have to make a few changes, Williams due to that nasty clash along with Greenwood with a dodgy ankle.

Will Palace be able to cope wtih Man Utd's thirst for European footbal next season? We think not, we up for Utd edging this one, Palace is usually a tricky place for United, lets hope they can do it tomorrow.

Crystal Palace V Man Utd, July 16 2020, 8.15 pm Villa Park