Covid Kicking Out Fans 'til 2021

empty football stadium

On Tuesday, 22nd September 2020, the Sports governing bodies met to discuss the ongoing Corona virus issue and were told to prepare themselves for the prospect of no spectators attending matches, throughout the winter months.

All this action is being taken now due to a recent rise in Covid cases. Yesterday David Moyes and two West Ham players were sent home from their match due to contracting the virus.

The PM has come out and stated that the restrictions will be in place for at least six months.

Lower League Impact

Already, chairmen of lower league football clubs have even taken to twitter to express their concerns. Many lower league clubs rely heavily on the gate tickets and without the fans this will cease and may have an extremely detrimental impact. Not only for the clubs, but for the local communities that support their local team.

The English National League is due to start on the 3rd of October, but this date might be pushed back as these clubs are reliant on matchday income. This could be devastating for local communities, the government are actively working on a support package for the smaller teams in the lower divisions.

The government have stated that keeping fans away will aid in limiting the spread of Corona, not so much at the stadium itself though. More to prevent the spread in the circumstances that take the fans to the ground, the public transport systems, food and drink areas which all make up the day out at a football match.

It was hoped that crowds will be allowed back for the new season, but with numbers heading in the wrong direction this now looks unlikely. Initial plans involved socially distancing fans, a curb on chanting and sanitisation points throughout the stadiums.

This looks likely to become a conversation again early next year. Until then, we’ll not know unless our government impose new rulings.