Aston Villa V Man Utd 1957 Cup Final Video

The FA Cup Final of 1957

This was Aston Villa's first major trophy win for 37 years, and came against Man Utd. The victory honoured Aston Villa with a record of seven FA Cup Final wins, which at the time was the record to beat in England.

A great match to watch with some controversy as Man Utd's goalkeeper was knocked unconscious in the sixth minute.

We hope you enjoy the video, click on the options to enlarge the video screen to full size. Due to the size of the total video length, we have had to split it in to 20 minute chunks

Here's the first 20 minutes of this great match

Here's the second 20 minutes

Here's the third 20 minutes

Here's the fourth 20 minutes

Here's the fifth and final part of the match

The match ended, Aston Villa 2 and Man Utd 1, with Peter McParland scoring both goals for Villa and Tommy Taylor scoring Man Utd's. We hope you enjoyed the video.