Man United V Benfica 1968 European Cup Final

European Cup Final 1968

Watch this sensational football match now which brought together two of the greatest teams in Europe at the time.

Both Man United and Benfica were champions in their own countries and the stage was set at Wembley, which indeed was the first ever European Cup Final to be played at this fantastic football arena. The match featured some of the greatest players of all time with the likes of Best, Eusebio, Charlton, Torres, Stiles and Simoes all rubbing shoulders.

We hope you enjoy the video, click on the options to enlarge the video screen to full size. Due to the size of the total video length, we have had to split the video down in to 20 minute chunks

Here's the first 20 minutes of this great match

Here's the second 20 minutes

Here's the third 20 minutes

Here's the fourth 20 minutes

Here's the fifth part of the match

Here's the sixth part of the match

Here's the final part of this great football match